Do Not Doubt! Only Believe!

Those were the words my young mind was told repetitively, as I grew up in a conservative Mormon household in rural Canada. I stayed far from doubting and kept the faith, like a good little boy.

But as adults we can easily see that doubt is not a mysterious evil force coming at us from the dark side. It’s a complex human emotion that should lead us to do our fact checking.

Through objective fact checking even two rivals can eventually agree on the same truth — but that only seems to work if the truth is more important than our egos, and comfort levels.

The sort of skepticism that leads to fact checking has revealed many “Emergent truths” to the world, and is responsible for the rapid strides of progress humanity has experienced over the last 300 years and it continues to be a powerful force leading to great progress for all of humanity.

That’s science in a nutshell, and here’s how Neil deGrasse Tyson puts it:

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