Critical thinking is all about getting to the truth of an argument, while avoiding deception. The better we get at Critical Thinking, the better we can make informed decisions for ourselves and our communities.

Here is the most concise video I’ve seen on building critical thinking skills — I highly recommend it if you’re trying to improve your critical thinking skills quickly. (See my reversal below)

Critical Thinking Reversed:

It’s easy to understand these 5 concepts if I reverse them and ask myself what if I did the exact opposite and tried to avoid critical thinking?

Here is how to get the worst possible outcome and live a life full of deception and chaos:

1. Don’t ask any questions

Instead: Be extremely vague about what you want and simply guess at the answers.

2. Don’t look for any outside information.

Instead: Avoid asking experts and don’t try to make any observations, or conduct any experiments.

3. Don’t take any time to analyze the information logically.

Instead: Jump to conclusions quickly and emotionally.

4. Don’t consider the consequences of your decisions.

Instead: Choose the short term superficial gains over the long term, more meaningful rewards.

5.  Don’t explore other points of view

Instead: Ignore other people’s opinions and create reasons to justify your original opinion

What helps you to think more critically? Share your thoughts in the comments below!