After living a “Good Mormon life” Cathy still winds up getting sexually assaulted at random and abused by the hand of her Mormon grandfather. Sensing something is not quite right, it’s at this moment in her book where she begins to wake up to her life in a High Demand Religion — noting that nobody, not even the most superhuman Mormons could possibly follow all the rules.


From her book “The Conservative Atheist”:

The qualifications for entrance into the highest of heavenly high levels are beyond daunting – they land squarely in the category of Absurd. Maybe even Hilarious.

She goes on:

“This list of achievements to be accomplished during our mortal life is, at the same time, treated lightly, almost humorously, in some publications, but is also hammered home every moment possible in and out of church meetings. It is so overwhelming many members simply give up from the start and just do what they feel they can, struggling with guilt all the while.

I certainly did – I had no choice. Not only could I not do them all, I did not want to do them all. I didn’t even want to do some of them. We were supposedly granted free will by a generous and benevolent Father, but, in viewing the list, I didn’t see any free will going on. We had a choice to work on the list, of course, but if we feared what would happen if we didn’t and hoped for some vague, unproven reward handed down from on high, whose notion of free will did that satisfy?

It is not an exaggeration to portray the master list of desired and necessary behaviors as crushing and inhumane. In order to fulfill what is required members literally need to sacrifice any semblance of a normal life, set aside hopes and dreams, and knuckle down to a daily grind that requires superhuman effort. I didn’t have it in me. Most members don’t, though they can’t admit it to themselves, much less anyone else.”

Cathy’s beautiful Mormon bubble continues to burst and her life crumbles in the following chapters — a must read for those experiencing the same trauma.

You can read Cathy’s full story in her new book here:

The Conservative Atheist: My Journey Out of Mormonism and into a new life without any gods:

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