Bill Nye, “The Science Guy” has just released his new Gay Conversion Therapy Cartoon which was meant to show the world that all flavors of sexuality can get along peacefully. However his video has managed to piss off almost everyone in the process, including some LGBT activists. Perhaps some have missed the point and just can’t seem to tolerate the message of tolerance.

He is now getting death threats over his cartoon.

Gay Conversion Therapy has been proven ineffective and harmful, and new legislation is being enacted to discourage its practice. Bill Nye is taking advantage of the new legislation to attack “Gay Conversion Therapy” in an effort to show its futility, while increasing tolerance towards members of the LGBTQ community — a noble idea, but his cartoon has received a lot of negative publicity, with over 75% downvoting the video on Youtube (as of April 2017).

So why all the hate for Bill Nye?

In his new cartoon Nye promotes all the flavors of sexuality using ice cream cartoon characters who are hit with a surprise ice cream conversion therapy session from their friend:

However, the conversion attempt completely backfires and after a final plea to the ice cream god, the plain vanilla character ends up succumbing to temptation, joining the others in what appears to be a gay sex orgy:


Some Youtube commenters have pointed out that the plain vanilla character is pressured and seduced into having sex, which isn’t really a step forward for humanity. Others find the conversion reversal a bit too hypocritical, pointing out that tolerance for sexuality should go both ways.

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See the whole cartoon here: