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Do we believe in God because of a small glitch?

By | May 8th, 2017|Blogs and News from Doubters|

Why are the lines in the above image physically crooked? People can invent all sorts of theories to answer this question.  They could say that ghosts, fairies or quantum mechanics are making the lines crooked -- but the fact is it doesn't need an explanation in the first place because they just aren't physically crooked. (Hint: [...]

Letter to a Sunbeam Teacher

By | May 7th, 2017|Blogs and News from Doubters|

  “If we have the twooth, it can’t be hurt by investuh … investuh … er … looking at it. If we have not the twooth, it oughta be harmed.” - Little Joshua Reuben Clark - [Name of Sunbeam Teacher Removed] Thank you for saying you’d answer my questions from Sunbeam class. You are nice. [...]

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Quit Pretending Your Jesus Can Beat Up My Jesus

By | May 5th, 2017|Blogs and News from Doubters|

Many claim they are true followers of Jesus while fighting over who is a real Christian and who is a pretender. Which Jesus is the best? The arguments devolve around who exactly they believe Jesus Christ is (or was). One blogger for a High Demand Religion recently tried hard to make the case that he [...]

Exclusive Interview with Cathy L. Mason, Author of “Peddling Servitude”

By | May 2nd, 2017|Blogs and News from Doubters|

Chris: Hi Cathy! Thanks for taking the time to chat with Doubtsy today and to share with us your story and your work. Cathy: Thanks for taking the time to interview me! Chris: Great! You're the author of two books: The Conservative Atheist, which was launched on last week, as well as another book, [...]

Why Dost Thy God Speaketh Unto Ye In Sloppy Pronouns?

By | May 1st, 2017|Blogs and News from Doubters|

Did Joseph Smith translate the Book of Mormon by the power of Man or the power of God? Apparently Book of Mormon Apologists are still on the fence, with some believing it was a tight translation aided by the power of God, while other faithful LDS scholars denounce these claims, saying it looks more like the words [...]

Bill Nye, The Science Guy is Now Receiving Death Threats for his “Pro Gay Cartoon” (Video)

By | April 29th, 2017|Blogs and News from Doubters|

Bill Nye, "The Science Guy" has just released his new Gay Conversion Therapy Cartoon which was meant to show the world that all flavors of sexuality can get along peacefully. However his video has managed to piss off almost everyone in the process, including some LGBT activists. Perhaps some have missed the point and just can't [...]

Jeremy Runnells Ruined Everything

By | April 29th, 2017|Blogs and News from Doubters|

I once had it all. My father was a God. I was going to become just like him. I had already started designing the planets I would one day create. I wielded enormous power. I believed I could move mountains with a flick of my wrist, cure sickness with magical olive oil and call down [...]

The Moment You Realize You’re In A High Demand Religion – Cathy L Mason Quote

By | April 28th, 2017|Blogs and News from Doubters|

After living a "Good Mormon life" Cathy still winds up getting sexually assaulted at random and abused by the hand of her Mormon grandfather. Sensing something is not quite right, it's at this moment in her book where she begins to wake up to her life in a High Demand Religion -- noting that nobody, not even the [...]

Exposing The Man Behind The Mithryn — By Cathy L Mason — Exclusive Interview

By | April 28th, 2017|Blogs and News from Doubters|

C – I’ve never interviewed anyone before. M - I've been interviewed lots of times. C - I haven't at all. I'm a pianist. No one interviews pianists. :) M - I'm a Digital Analytics Manager. No one interviews them either. But somehow, Mithryn, he became famous. C - How did you accomplish that? You [...]

How Cult Leaders Cash in on Sex and Masturbation

By | April 27th, 2017|Blogs and News from Doubters|

High demand religions that are already successful at monetizing their membership have found a great way to ensure their profits continue: By planting triggers in their follower's private life, that get triggered often enough that guarantees the members keep coming back, and paying. The Guilt Cycle In Mithryn's new book "I Should Start A Cult" he [...]