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Atheism is very easy to define: it is the belief that there is neither God nor the gods. From now we will just talk about belief in God, but the arguments in this book are equally applicable to the monotheistic and polytheistic religions. However, many think that atheists believe that there is no God, no morality; or that there is no God, nor the meaning of life; or again, neither God nor human goodness. As we shall see, there is nothing to stop the atheist believe in morality, the meaning of life or human goodness. Atheism is only the truly negative when it comes to believing in God. It is capable of positively look at other aspects of life as well as any other belief. However, there is a certain point where the negativism of atheistic beliefs extends beyond God’s existence. Atheist rejection of faith in God is usually accompanied by a broader rejection of any supernatural or transcendent reality. An atheist, for instance, usually doesn’t believe in the existence of the immortal soul, life after death, ghosts and supernatural forces. Although, strictly speaking, an atheist can believe in any of that, and yet remain an atheist, reasons which will become clearer later on, arguments and ideas that support atheism naturally tend to exclude beliefs in the supernatural and fantastic. Atheism is the view contrary not only to theism and other forms of belief in God but also to agnosticism – i.e. the exclusion of belief or disbelief in God. Agnostic argues that we cannot know whether God exists or does not exist, and is, therefore, the only reasonable solution to refrain from judgment. Both theists and atheists, according to agnostic beliefs, are exaggerating in claims that God exists / does not exist. We simply do not have enough arguments or evidence to justify any of these positions. The question whether people with no positive faith in God should be agnostics or atheists is really important, probably as much as the question whether to believe in God or not.

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  • Is Atheism a Religion?
  • Right Justification for Atheism
  • Modern Atheism
  • Historical and Philosophical Overview of Atheism
  • Psychological Reasons for Atheism
  • Eight “Motives of Atheism.”
  • Atheism, Naturalism and Physicalism
  • Six Types of Atheists and How to Recognize Them
  • Demographics of Atheism

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