I Should Start a Cult – By Mithryn (2017)

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I Should Start a Cult – By Mithryn (2017)


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Dedicated to all those who wake up one day to realize their lives were as real as Truman in the Truman Show. May you find your boat, stairs and exit. And may we all add legislation to prosecute those who leverage these tactics against their fellow man.

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Dedicated to all those who wake up one day to realize their lives were as real as Truman in the Truman Show. May you find your boat, stairs and exit. And may we all add legislation to prosecute those who leverage these tactics against their fellow man.


For 33 years of my life, I devoted myself to a particular religion. I gave of my time, my talents and my money to an international organization that hid its finances from its own members while buying real-estate that could be featured on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”. It was started by a poor farm boy who pawned a few stories on the gullible, and then re-wrote his own history several times. A tradition of re-writing history and passing off faith-promoting stories continues even now in the religion.

Then I applied my skills in history, economics, and data analysis to the religion and left shortly after. What happened next amazed me. While reeling from the accusations and painful assumptions directed towards myself by family, friends and acquaintances; strangers accused me of forming a cult around myself. Soon I found myself a moderator of one of the largest growing ex-religion communities on the internet: The Exmormon Subreddit .

Many members still in the faith expressly stated that there was a “Cult of Mithryn” and that people were blindly following me, far more than I was ever accused of such a thing while in the religion. Accusations of this nature are still made to me from time to time.

Two things happened after this accusation was made the second time. First, I wondered what it would be like to actually start a cult. Second, I wanted to find out what a cult was like in order to insure that I never started one.

This book fell out of heaven’s ether into my brain due to the research involved in answering the two questions. Indeed, starting a cult seems tremendously easy and after the “I should start a cult” meme became popular on reddit, I thought that there was probably a market for so many budding mind-control specialists that someone should guide them to make a cult properly.

And who better than an expert as myself, creating a cult unwittingly by providing historical accuracy and information. Further, spending so many years in brainwashing activities of such a large organization as I was in allowed me an in-depth chance to study the techniques of organizations that were both “cult-like” and straightforward.

My goals in writing this book are three-fold:

First, we will cover what a cult is and what it is not.

Second, we will cover the plethora of benefits from starting your own cult, as well as how to mitigate some of the negative aspects.

And third, I hope that we can work together to improve our cults. There is nothing worse than spending years in a bargain-basement blue-light special cult, when you could, in fact, be learning ninja skills, serving peeled grapes on a platter at orgies thrown in honor of a “dear leader,” or becoming a spirit guide

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About the Author

Mithryn has never actually started a cult, but he has left several; both religious and professional. His research on the topic was driven by several accusations that his historical research was an attempt to start a cult along with enjoying a cat meme on Reddit. This amalgamation of successful cults represents over a decade of hard research and three years writing about the success methods repeated throughout the various organizations.


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3 reviews for I Should Start a Cult – By Mithryn (2017)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jonathan Streeter

    In “I Should Start a Cult” Mithryn looks to answer questions not through the lens of the victims of such control but rather by a tongue-in-cheek “how to guide” for aspiring cult leaders. Mithryn distills complex principles of psychological manipulation and combines this with a very self aware and sardonic narrative covering every aspect of how Cult leaders operate. The result is a highly entertaining read that is as witty as it is researched and informed.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Heather Clarkson

    I was impressed with Mithryn’s thoroughness. He goes over everything an aspiring cult leader needs to consider. It’s tongue-in-cheek yet clever and insightful.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Chris AskReality Johnson

    My favorite line from the book so far:

    (on cult leadership)

    If knowing that a little old woman gave up her meals three weeks out of four for a year for the same price as your handkerchief cost makes you nervous, this is not the career for you. (…) So take up your cross, and prepare yourself for greatness and glory. Your cult awaits.

    LOL It’s a hilarious ride

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