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The Paper Tapir


Paper Tapir Designer Paper Toy

Product Description

The mighty Battle Tapir was the steed of choice to pull non-existent chariots into fictional ancient American battles. Now you can share in the made up drama by making every day “Take Your Paper Tapir To Work Day”! Let this little critter roam your newly empty bookshelf or place him next to your computer where co-workers are sure to ask about him. In some countries, the Tapir is a symbol of religious tolerance and brotherhood, in other countries, it is one of the worst apologies for anachronisms showing up in supposedly sacred text.

Here at Little Factory Products, we rounded up a rare litter of Paper Tapirs. The Mommy and Daddy Tapir (Danny and Sheri) are not actually married so we have to put all these little guys and gals up for adoption. Make room in your heart and home today and have the perfect thing for your favorite doubt promoting author to sign when you run into them at a Coffee shop on Sunday.

Each order includes one (1) designer Paper Tapir and a pair of Googly eyes that will stare lovingly at you as you Google the truth claims of your High Demand Religion.



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